Laurel Lang Memorial Bursary

Ann Davis Transition Society would like to announce that we have decided to change the title of our annual bursary. In memory of a wonderful therapist who was with us for many years, the grant has been renamed to ‘The Laurel Lang Memorial Bursary’.

For most of her working life, Laurel Lang worked as a flight attendant in the Northwest Territories. It wasn’t until she was 40 years old that she decided to go back to school to pursue her love for counselling.

In 2007, Laurel was hired by Ann Davis Transition Society.

She was beloved by both her clients and fellow staff members for her thoughtfulness, her generosity and her positive spirit during her time here.

In 2015, Laurel passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer.

‘Life was not easy for her. There was very little she didn’t do or hadn’t been through. Her clients were her family and despite the struggles within her own life, she always made sure her focus was helping her family’ said Laurel’s mother, Gayleen Lang.

We at the Ann Davis Transition Society believe that Laurel Lang’s unmatched commitment to her clients and profession represents the objectives of the bursary perfectly. We are honored to name the endowment after her.

Registration Details

The bursary is available to:

A full-time student who is a single parent in a social services discipline and plans to work in the field of abuse prevention benefiting a diverse population.

What we need from you:

To download this checklist, click here.

  • Typed application, 1-3 pages, mailed to us between May 1st and August 4th.
  • Proof of course enrollment, social insurance and student number.
  • A description regarding the feminist perspective on women and abuse.
  • To have at least 12 months of relevant volunteer experience.
  • A letter from the organization with whom the student volunteered.
  • Names and business telephone numbers for two referencees who should be past employers or professionals working in the community who can verify the information in the application.

The Process:

A committee has been designated by the Ann Davis Board of Directors to review applications. All applicants will be notified when a decision is made, however, the successful applicant’s name will not be shared.

All information sent to Ann Davis is strictly confidential and unsuccessful applications will be shredded immediately once a candidate is chosen.

The Board of Directors will not enter into discussion with unsuccessful applicants.

Applications should be marked confidential and addressed to:

Attention: Executive Director
Laurel Lang Memorial Bursary
Ann Davis Transition Society
9046 Young Road
Chilliwack, BC V2P 4R6