Counselling provides a compassionate, safe, and supportive environment.


At Ann Davis Transition Society, we use a client-centred approach that grants individuals of all genders and ages the freedom to be themselves without facing evaluation, judgement or pressure to change.

Stopping The Violence







Stopping the Violence Women’s Counselling - 19 or over

Funded by the BC Ministry of Justice

Stopping the Violence therapy is for women who want to understand what has happened to them either as children or adults and to change learned patterns of behaviour. Ann Davis Services offers counselling for women who have suffered any form of current or past abuse; emotional, physical, verbal, sexual, religious, psychological, financial or social.

We provide a safe environment where any aspect of abuse can be discussed in confidence.

Our goal is to help women understand themselves and to gain confidence in making choices.

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Trauma-Informed Counselling & Supports Program

for Survivors of Military-Based Sexual Misconduct

Ann Davis Transition Society will provide one-on-one counselling and group therapy to those affected by sexual misconduct in the Defence community.

They serve men, women, youth, children, couples, and families by providing a safe environment where any aspect of abuse can be discussed in confidence.

Service areas include the Fraser Valley, with five locations: four in Chilliwack and one in Hope. Remote services are also available.


Our Children’s PEACE Counsellor works with children aged 3 to 11, using psycho-educational methods grounded in attachment theory. The counsellor views the child within their larger family system and endeavours to support the family.

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Youth Peace Counsellor

Youth Counselling (ages 12 – 19) helps youth reach goals, feel heard & understood, and traverse life’s challenges.

Our experienced and compassionate female and male counsellors work with teens and parents to facilitate needed conversations and reduce familial discord.

Healthy relationships, constructive communication, and conflict resolution are some issues our counsellors can help youth navigate.

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We offer individual sessions for men designed to promote well being of men, their relationships and their families. Preventative in nature, the sessions are designed to enable men to build and nurture positive self-esteem for themselves, thereby improving their relationships.

This service addresses the health and welfare of men by empowering them to make healthy choices in their lives, establish strong support networks and violence-free relationships.

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Couples Counselling

We offer couple’s counselling as a preventive measure. We want to promote violence free relationships, which includes emotional and verbal violence as well.

Being a couple takes a lot of hard work! Dissatisfying intimate relationships can cause partners to become anxious, and depressed, and increase communication problems.

Couple counselling offers both partners a chance to be heard and understood by each other, as well as learning tools to construct a healthier relationship. Couple’s counselling is a way to get professional guidance from a skilled therapist in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

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Family Counselling

We offer family therapy as a preventive measure.  We want to promote violence free relationships among family members.  It truly takes healthy families to make healthy communities.

Families are able to attend sessions and receive therapy for a variety of reasons, including wanting to improve communication, resolve conflict, and gain skills in respectful parenting and partnering.

If you are a family facing transitions such as changing from a two parent family to a single parent family or you are facing overwhelming changes in a blended family; you may benefit from family counselling and learn to meet the challenges by developing new skills and solutions.  We also offer family counselling for divorced/separated partners wanting to learn how to co-parent together respectfully.

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